what you should know about auschwitz

I’ll be honest, a big reason why I’m writing this is to help me process my visit to Auschwitz yesterday. Despite all the preparation I did, watching documentaries, reading books and talking to friends who have been there, I was still completely overwhelmed by the experience, leaving with so many questions and thoughts. While I […]

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the mystery of malta

After Marrakesh, I had visited my main hitlist of cities from London. Rather than sit quiet, however, I decided to pull out my list of underrated destinations to see if I can explore some of them before they get caught in the tourist cycle. Malta stood out as a unique destination, sitting in the Mediterranean, […]

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memories of marrakesh: the red city

The penultimate continent: Africa. Very few things rank higher on my list than making my way to the continent that at the same time is talked about frequently yet remains ultimately mystical. Amongst the major cities, Marrakesh called out to me, bringing up pictures of colourful markets and thoughts of roadside stalls to drink endless mint […]

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being irish in dublin

It’s been a dream of mine to being on the Irish island during the St Patrick’s season, and so when Ryanair drastically cut its prices during a promotion I put myself on a plane to the Emerald Isle and landed in Dublin. It made me a happy man to realize that a lot of Dublin’s […]

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